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Tom Mathis and Sons

T-Bone’s Treehouse & Clubhouse

Established in 2003, T-Bone’s Treehouse began providing a space where families and friends gather for special events and offers hunters a comfortable place to stay during hunting season. Notable amenities at the Treehouse includes 14 beds, three bathrooms, a kitchenette, and an open common area.

To accommodate additional demand, T-Bone added the Clubhouse in 2009. Formerly part of the train depo and the GTA elevator located in downtown, T-Bone purchased the building, relocated it to his residence on the western edge of Winner, SD and converted it into a perfect getaway stay! The Clubhouse includes ten beds, two bathrooms, a kitchenette, and a small common area.

Tripp County is great for both small and large game hunting with an ample population of pheasant, turkey, grouse, deer and even prairie dogs for those with an interest! Fishermen are also welcome as there is also excellent walleye and bass fishing in the area. Hunting guides may be provided upon request. These lodges are unique in the fact that they are not just limited to hunters, but also capable of hosting a multitude of other events such as family gatherings and reunions, wedding events, and meetings as well.

A little about T-Bone

Tom Mathis (T-Bone) started hosting hunters back in 1993.  He would rent his house out to groups of hunters while they were in town during hunting season. From these humble beginnings, along with great support from family and friends, Tom built the Treehouse and Clubhouse as part of a life-long dream to bring hunters to south central South Dakota, providing an unforgettable hunting experience you won’t soon forget!

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